Adultery Is One Of The Worst Sins


This incident is narrated by Hazrat Ayesha Siddique herself who will tell you about what she said in today’s video. Traditionally we will ask you to like our video and if you are new to the channel. To subscribe to the channel and at the same time click on the alarm bell and click on All and if you have any knowledge about this incident or if you have any objections or words that came out of our mouth by mistake. If you want to tell us about them, please let us know by commenting and you must watch the video till the end because only then you There is a reminder of the event that you have been trying to hear from the beginning
This is the narration of Hazrat Ayesha. It was the rule of the Holy Prophet (sws) that when you set out on a journey, you would put a sphere and decide which of your wives should go with you.
Luckily, the sphere came out in my name, that is, Hazrat Ayesha is saying that the sphere came out in her name, and when I returned with you, we were near Madinah. Some distance


And just as part of the night was about to begin, the preparations for the journey began. I got up and went to the toilet. So the caravan left. The rule was that I would sit in my seat while the coach, but it did not happen.
Dear viewers, if you don’t know about Hodeh, it is an Arabic word. In Urdu language, Hodeh is commonly known as Dolly in which the bride was carried and carried on her shoulder. It is also made on a camel which was made for veiled women
Hazrat Ayesha says that whenever she had to come and go, she would sit in the hodgepodge, and four men would pick her up and put her on the camel and the camel would walk towards its destination. Hazrat Ayesha says that at that time we women were suffering from malnutrition. Due to which she herself was very thin and men were very powerful in those days.
Hazrat Ayesha says that while lifting my hood, these men did not even realize that I was in it or not. They unknowingly picked up the hood and placed it on the camel and made the camel move.
Hazrat Ayesha says that when she returned looking for the necklace, she saw that there was no one there, that is, the caravan had left. It usually happens that the seeker is more troubled than the one who is lost. When he leaves his place and goes out in search of the caravan, he said that he thought it best to cover himself with a sheet and go to sleep. If they find out, they will come back to find it
The wife of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) stayed here. She said: This sound opened her eyes and I got up and immediately put a chador on my face and she did not speak to me and her camel. They brought him and seated him beside me and they stood apart. I mounted my camel and took the fork and set off towards the destination. Around noon, they joined the caravan which had stopped for a short while and the army. Little did I know that I was not in their caravan, because if the caravan had sat down, the mahaz would have opened up. The foremost among them was Abdullah ibn Umayr, whom he called the chief of the hypocrites and said that he was unaware of all these accusations.
According to another tradition, when Hazrat Ayesha reached the place of thanksgiving on the camel of Safan
And it was found out that you were left behind like this. At that time Abdullah ibn Abi cried out, “By God, she did not escape, that is, she was accused of pure adultery.”
Friends, in this narration, Abdullah bin Abi cried out, “Look, your Prophet’s wife has not escaped, and your Prophet’s wife has spent the night with a man.”
And now that person is coming to announce it, that is, that person is just bringing them to the army
Hazrat Ayesha says that when she reached Madinah she became ill and was quite ill. It was about to be a month and that word reached the Holy Prophet (sws). Hazrat Ayesha says that she did not know anything about it. Because she was not one of the women who came to the bazaar and she was very fond of knowledge. She says that she was worried about the fact that even in this situation, the attention of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not enough. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to come to his house in case of illness. They used to leave the house after winning
She says she went to her mother’s house with your permission so that she could take good care of her.
One day they go to the forest to help
Friends, because there were no toilets in those days, people had to go to the forest for help.
Ghairat-e-Mustaha came out of his mouth for his own son, the word that came out of his mouth that Hazrat Ayesha tells him that what kind of mother is she is uttering wrong words for her own son.
The son who also took part in the battle of Badr. Then he said, “Son, do you not know what is being said about you?” So he told the whole story to her, ie Ayesha.
This is the same flat bin asset  
The second was Hassan bin Thabit who was a famous poet of Islam and the third was Hamna bint Jahsh  

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