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Friends, almost every adult man, and woman will know a woman like Hareem Shah. If you don’t know, there is no regret. In today’s video, you will know and you will learn that you have the best future for your children in this society. What are the things that Hareem Shah’s parents could not do in order to cultivate? 
How Hareem Shah got worse and what were the reasons for her deterioration that made Hareem Shah a curious woman, and after cultivating this hobby, she started earning money from it and her parents who made her Raised Pula Pusa and took pride in her and tried to fulfill her every wish she wanted, and the result was that she emerged as an obscene woman.

Even a woman like Mian Khalifa could not play such a role 

And a woman like Sunny Leone must have been impressed by her role as a girl,
Born in a small town, she went to a hostel. When the time came for puberty, she started fulfilling her hobbies. Along with her hobbies, when her hobbies started growing, she started earning money and when she became a professional in her hobbies, Rumors of what she showed in her work began to circulate 
And the echo of these churches will be heard in countries like Saudi Arabia and Dubai, which is why Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak traveled to about twelve countries and everyone who invited them to these different countries was very pleased and The demand for Sandal Khattak and Hareem Shah arose in a country like Dubai where he was not only liked by every Dubai Bedouin but also showered immense wealth on Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak. Smaita made a lot of money from her claims and today she has a lot of money in her accounts and that is probably why it is more than the actors seen on TV serials. Looks rich    
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Dosto Rahim Shah is known to everyone who uses Tik Tak relentlessly and Tik Tak is a cheap addictive drug in which any boy or girl does everything to get the compliments of their followers. Reassure their followers 
In other words, if you want more followers, then you have to do all the negative things that you like the most in order to cultivate followers. Rahim Shah also did everything that made him famous, taking care of his followers. Could do   
Friends, Hareem Shah is a woman who has revealed the secrets of not only Turkish ministers of the current government of Pakistan.
On the contrary, they have been at the forefront of betraying the country and defaming Pakistan all over the world 
Recently you may have noticed that in cultivating his followers, Mr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan, former Information Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab, gave access to Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak to sensitive places where they made their tick tot videos and Rapidly developed his reputation 
And because of the access of Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan to another place, she went to an airport and boarded a private plane parked here which was said to be Mubashir Luqman’s and made her own tick-tock videos which made her more tick-tock. Videos have been accepted
Friends, every man who was addicted to Thark, after hearing the praises of Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak, was going crazy in his heart for their performances and began to desire it as you have seen that many ministers of Pakistan Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak suffered the consequences of friendship in which the Minister of Railways Mr. Sheikh Rashid Sahib and Mr. Fayyaz Al Hassan Chauhan who were former Information Minister of Punjab, many videos and scandals about them came to light which is social There are a lot of videos on the media 
Friends Hareem Shah was born in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and his parents, namely his mother and father, were both government employees.
Hareem Shah’s mother was a government teacher and Hareem Shah received her primary education up to the fifth grade from her mother.
Since the conditions at home were good, Hareem Shah became interested in studying in a hostel in the fifth grade, which was immediately fulfilled by his parents.
Friends, Hareem Shah completed her study journey from the fifth grade to graduation by staying in a hostel, in which she says that the peak of her youth came in the hostel and she did all the things that are talked about nowadays. Having set foot in puberty, he learned from his teachers and other roommates who lived with him in the same room.
The hostel life of friends proved that those who could not give time to their children, their children had forgotten about their dignity and their gain and loss and had become oblivious to the fact that their What difficulties did their parents face in raising them, how much effort did they have to put into their education, and how many people borrowed and spent on their education, which they ignored while enjoying their hostel life? Given 
And keep in your diary and in your mind only the memories you have of your hostel and college life, or wandering around with your friends, misbehaving, grouping, or teasing boys and girls.  
Friends, our purpose in today’s video is not to blame college or hostel life, but some of the wrong habits of society that some people may have forgotten their past by adopting.
And they have forgotten the circumstances of their parents in which their parents raised them and sent them to another city for a good education, arranged their livelihood for them and tried to cover their education expenses by cutting their own stomachs. Of
And if after so much humiliation and hardship, if the result of the offspring comes out in the offspring like God willing Hareem Shah, then think what is left with the parents except humiliation and disgrace. 
Friends hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you like it all the keywords in this video that are instructive for children are enough to teach you a lesson and if you are a parent then children We will try to reflect on their academic life. I hope you like the video. If you like the video, we will share it with your friends. See you in a new video until then. May Allah be the Guardian

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